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Official Launch--Seven Year Summer, the Audiobook

It's launch day! When I wrote Seven Year Summer, an audiobook wasn't in my plans. But sometimes, life presents you with something you never even dreamed of asking for. Meeting Jacqueline has been an unexpected gift of friendship and new creativity. After nine months of talking, planning, and a whole lot of work, the audiobook is ready to be out in the world. I hope you take the opportunity to listen to her stunning narration of this work and that this story of life and death, hope and healing, resonates with you in new ways.

Here's how you can listen: Each platform sets its own price, but most are under $15.00 CDN. You can also gift the audiobook to someone on Google Play, Libro.FM, Chirp, and Nook. I'd love to hear your feedback, and for you to leave a review on whichever platform you purchase from.

With thanks and love for unexpected gifts, and for your support,

xx Anna

Get Seven Year Summer here:

Audible (Free with new monthly membership, $14.99/mo after trial)

iTunes --$9.99 US

Google Play --$12.95 US

Libro.FM --$14.29 US

Chirp --$9.99 US

Kobo, Walmart --10.99 US

Scribd --Free 30 day trial, $12.99/mo after trial

Nook (Barnes&Noble) ---10.99 US

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