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So much gratitude for the tremendous amount of care and emotional labour you gave and shared with your beautiful friend. Thank you for bringing death to the community. 

Participant at workshop,

"The Community-Supported Dying of Mary Morgan"



In January 2020, Mary Morgan of qathet, B.C., asked a small group of friends to support her dying process. Mary had received a terminal cancer diagnosis and wanted to die at home.


One month after first meeting, the onset of COVID-19 left the team scrambling to adjust plans to support Mary. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, Mary’s dying emerged as a true community-based process.



(Left to right) 

Anna Byrne, B.Ed., Master of Theological Studies

Laurie Norman, Death Doula

Jules Adam, MTA, Certified Music Therapist

Community-Supported Dying

Throughout our time with Mary, she envisioned a community where those who are dying, caregiving, or bereaved are returned to a central, honoured, and supported place in society. Community-Supported Dying aims to build community literacy and social infrastructure by facilitating workshops and events that provide practical skills and ignite thoughtful engagement with end-of-life issues.

Workshops can be hosted by any group, non-profit, or organization. We work with hospice societies to provide education to volunteers, staff, and community members. 

Workshops and presentations focus on elements of Community-Supported Dying*:

  • How to create a support team

  • Developing rituals and ceremony for the person who is dying and for their family and friends

  • Easy tools to organize tasks, appointments, meals, and errands

  • Providing practical, emotional, and spiritual support

  • After-death care of the body 

  • Home vigils

  • Building a casket

  • Transporting a casket in a personal vehicle

  • Participating in the burial of a loved one

  • Special considerations for those choosing Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID)

  • Self-care for families, friends, and people in support roles

*Current workshops being offered are "The Community-Supported Dying of Mary Morgan," a presentation that explores facets of CSD; and a presentation on Green Burials. A film event will be held in November 2023.


Watch highlights from our workshop "The Community-Supported Dying of Mary Morgan." 


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