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This book is a ‘must-read’ for those seeking to deepen their spiritual understanding of suffering, illness, and death;
for all who work in palliative care and hospices;
and for anyone concerned about how we treat our elderly and dying.

Sandra Prather, B.Ed., M.Th.,

Speaker & Retreat Leader 

Tending to Wounds with Words

I always lamented that I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Then I did grow up--I travelled, taught, got sick, got healthy, volunteered in soup kitchens and shelters, worked with young offenders, the elderly, and the dying. 


Finally, I realized that through all of it, I was writing. 

I wrote my first book, Seven Year Summer, to help me process my journey with cancer.

It was named a Finalist in the Whistler Independent Book Awards and then became an audiobook narrated by LA-based actor, composer, and filmmaker Jacqueline Kim (Netflix film "Advantageous"). 

One of the unintended surprises of Seven Year Summer was how many people—who have been ill, who have taken care of someone, or who are grieving—found something of themselves in the book. 


I hope there is a balm here, waiting for you.

"Can be read seven times, it is so rich."


Seven Year Summer

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Listen to a clip

Accolades for Seven Year Summer:

  • Finalist, Whistler Independent Book Awards

  • Narrated by award-winning actor and composer Jacqueline Kim

  • Featured on End-Of-Life University Podcast 

  • Featured on 'A Year of Reading Dangerously' International Book Club

  • Recommended Reading, Forest Dwelling: Spirituality for our Wisdom Years (Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas)

  • Used for training and education with hospice volunteers

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