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Early Reviews of Seven Year Summer, the Audiobook

I'm grateful to a number of people who agreed to listen to and review Seven Year Summer ahead of its release. I'll be sharing a number of them here, along with another sample about my experience with words that are used to describe cancer. Three days 'til launch!

Chapter 5: Wallow (Sample): Aberrant. Deviant. The language of cancer care, however scientific or well chosen, is not benign. "If you want your best chance of survival, you must become, and quickly, fluent in this tongue."

Early Reviews for Seven Year Summer, the Audiobook

"This is an audiobook you will want to listen to more than once, an alluring invitation to make peace with the human inevitabilities of illness and death, and perhaps to even view them as ripe fodder for personal evolution. Jacqueline Kim's stunning narration and melodies bring Anna Byrne's poignant words to life, forming an aural tapestry that transports the listener through each year and the many lessons that they bring."

~Meredith Klein, Founder of Pranaful (

"It's a study of life and death that any and all can benefit from, at any point in time, during our vulnerable lives in this ever-changing world. Jacqueline’s reading is so simple and connected. Her music and choice of vocals are well placed and serve to layer and support Anna's story. I am grateful for this window into birth, death, re-birth and transcendence. It's required reading I think, for those working in the healthcare field, in hospice, in ministry!"

~Bernadette Sullivan, voiceover, stage, and screen performer (

"This wonderful, personal tale is not only one of hurt and healing, but empowerment, hope, and love. It's a story I feel is imperative for all of us to hear, experience, and grow from."

~Bill Arnott, author of Gone Viking: A Travel Saga, and Gone Viking II: Beyond Boundaries (Bill Arnott)

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