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This might be my favourite sample...

In addition to narrating the book, Jacqueline also composed a gentle score that highlights particular moments in the story. It's a merging of voice and melody. This sample might be my favourite from the audiobook. It's a description of moments during my second stem cell transplant in Toronto. It's one of the more poignant moments of those seven years for me and the sound that Jacqueline laid beneath it is haunting and holy. Have a listen: Chapter 21: Transplant

Tomorrow is the book's launch! I will be sending out links for the book, and also tips on how to listen for free. I know many of you may have already read the print or e-book editions. Thank you! If you want to take in the audio version, you won't be disappointed. The book can also be gifted or shared with friends. Cancer is still the leading cause of death in Canada and in the US, over 2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone. Perhaps my story can be helpful for those going through something similar, and for their loved ones.

Finally, here are another couple of reviews.

xx Anna

"The book approaches life and death with honesty. Living and dying are portrayed as both beautiful and inelegant. Anna doesn't shy away from the ups and downs of the whole process. Her journey with cancer is rough, but there are still moments of love, beauty, and hope. Her time with Eleanor is brief, but the connection she builds with this woman is so rich. There were times I laughed, cried, felt distress, and felt comfort."

~Seaborn Myliobatis, listener

“As I listened to Jacqueline Kim, I was delighted that the tone and cadence of her voice are similar to Anna’s. The pace of the reading allows the listener to absorb and empathize with Anna’s engaging and often challenging memoir.”

~Pat Buckna, author of Only Children—a family memoir (

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