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Seven Year Summer at Libraries

Dear friends,

A warm thank you to those who have purchased or gifted Seven Year Summer. I hope it has something to offer those who are caregivers, anyone who has been ill, or those who are curious about living in a deeper way.

An easy way you can help to spread the word is by requesting that your local library purchase the audiobook through OverDrive. Libraries purchase the audiobook once, and then patrons are able to access it with their library cards. This is available for libraries in both the US and Canada. For those in BC, the book is already available.

There are two simple ways to do this:

1. Call your library and request the audiobook.

2. Go to

• Search for ‘Seven Year Summer.’ Click on the cover.

• Put in your city, zip/postal code, or library name (to the right). Click on the library name when it comes up.

• Click ‘Recommend.’

If you are already a library patron and use the OverDrive app (also called Libby) some versions of the app also allow you to recommend the book.

Please let me know if you have any questions. And thank you. Libraries are an effective way of having more people access the book for free.

I am currently in the last week of my Master of Theological Studies degree (woo hoo!) I will be celebrating by attending a 10-day silent retreat from March 31-April 10th (I plan to have cake at some point, too!)

I’ll be back to writing after that and look forward to connecting more with you then. Below are some links to Jacqueline’s recent work.

With gratitude and warmth,


Jacqueline’s recent work

One of Jacqueline’s fans from her time on Xena: Princess Warrior, posted a series of short videos on TikTok and Instagram using excerpts from the book (and a play on the ‘cancer warrior’ theme). I’m including a fun picture here.

Recommendation for 'Advantageous' on Netflix: “You need to watch the smartest Sci-Fi movie on Netflix ASAP”

About Jacqueline's experience as an Asian American on Star Trek: Generations and more about her current work.

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